Collaboration is the key to your dream home with EVA

At EVA, we bring you traditional architectural services, carefully planned to suit your requirements and budget, but with a visible difference.


We completely understand how emotionally involved you are with your home: You want each part to be ‘just so’. That’s the reason why we work as a team with you, planning, visualising and executing every detail together.


Realistic presentation of all ideas is our forte. We include you in our team throughout the design phase, using realistic visualization of all proposals – yours and ours – to ensure your input is fully informed and able to make crucial decisions. We believe in making a thorough presentation of our ideas using space, light and form to give a complete impression of the project.


Once we have exhaustively examined all options and assessed the proposal’s feasibility, we collaborate further with structural engineers, Green technologists, Planning consultants and any other necessary collaborators to get the dreams out of your head and into the ground!


Being able to really ‘see’ the project beforehand, knowing exactly what it will look like long before committing tens of thousands of pounds to the real build, saves you ever worrying about having to live with costly mistakes. We’ll make sure it is all right before you start.